Switching it up

No matter how much you love something, when you do the same thing repeatedly, it gets old.  For some people, CrossFit never becomes boring because every workout is unique, every day brings new pain, new accomplishments, new benchmarks, new techniques, new movements.  It is an amazing and creative sport, and I’ve loved it for two years now.  But the injuries, the pain, the repeated tendonitis issues are wearing me down and I’m starting to dread going to class.  I started to just show up, get through it, so I could shower and get back to work.  And I know that is not what CrossFit is about.  It should be LOVE, because it’s pretty awful to deal with the aftermath at times. 

So I’m taking a month off, and while many people said good job, many are shocked and mystified.  I’m so competitive, so driven, so goal oriented, how could I STOP before I’ve reached my goals?  Well I asked myself the same questions, but the fact is, it was feeling like my last relationship…………like we were going to end up hating eachother instead of loving eachother.  To prevent a permanent breakup with CrossFit like he and I had, I’m taking a break. One I wished we had tried, to see if I can reboot and come back to CrossFit with loving arms. 

Since I am horribly competitive, determined, and goal-driven, I’m going to swim, and train for a splash-n-dash.  Asthma Girl’s new goal is 1000M swim and 5k Run.  I am nervous about swimming again, but it won’t irritate my joints and it will help with my asthma and endurance.  I’m starting with a 12 punch pass, and I will expand beyond that once I follow through on my goal.  I am also extremelly excited to start something new.  So for anyone who is BORED with their fitness routine, but like me, they cannot imagine life without being “fit”………..it is time to switch it up!!!


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