That is a determined woman. I like that. :-). I would finish too. Stubborn, in a good way. No whining ever again about my time in a race. Showing up is a lot, finishing is monumental

The T-Rex Runner

I’d be lying if I said this is a post I particularly feel like writing. I do not feeling like writing it at all, and soon you will see why. Nonetheless, that’s kind of what I do, right? I run and then I write about it. Sometimes you read it. It’s a thing we have going. Anyway, Amanda and I got up much earlier than we would have preferred to get to the early start of the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon on Saturday morning. We met Denis at the start of the race and were surprised how many people were already at the starting line at 5:30 in the morning, considering that most people were not starting the race until 7. We actually talked to a guy who was already there for the 7 am start. Dude, seriously? This race has like 1500 people total. So not necessary. I mean…

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