Were those shoes or rockets?

Bad news first. I think I have an ankle injury.  It’s new, and it started hurting a couple of hours after my run yesterday.  I don’t know what happened, truly, I felt FANTASTIC when I finished the run.  I will never understand my body, that’s for sure!  Ok, so that’s the bad news.  I shall have to skip the fun social run tonight and go for a swim, if I think my foot can handle it.  I can always swim with only my arms, right? (kidding….sort of). 

I had gone for my first swim yesterday morning since, needing a new challenge, I decided to finally do a splash-n-dash next year,  with 1000m swim in the pool and 5k run outdoors in Winter.  I got into the water, feeling totally fat, self-conscious, knowing my bathing suit doesn’t fit right but I won’t spend any money on one yet, put my goggles on, and pushed off from the side……..took one stroke and immediately thought, OMG my lungs are going to explode, I’m going to die, how did I ever swim?  I made it halfway across the pool and stopped, then switched strokes and finished, with breathing extra labored, even for me. I struggled through various strokes, trying to remember what I learned about breathing with the water at my daughter and son’s swim lessons this summer.  I thought I was going to die from exhaustion and drown in the pool by the 12th lap, but I had decided at 10 laps to go for 15, and that’s an odd number and I would be at the wrong side of the pool, so I had to do 16 laps, about 386 meters.  My first thoughts in the water were “epic fail” but then, internally, I reminded myself that there’s no failure in showing up, working out, and finishing what you started.

Oh, it’s time for the good news now, right? I decided to run at lunch, and I know, subconsciously, I had a desire to conquer the “known” world of running, that, while it kicks my tail regularly, is still MY world, unlike the pool, that kicked my ASCII code.  I walked fast in my Jeff Galloway warmup, using a 5k training day; though I mainly use the half marathon app, I’m not in “season”, so I can do what I want.  I felt like I was running pretty hard in my first interval, even for me , my usual 3:1 interval.  I kept it close to work, knowing I was only running about 2 miles.  I followed an easy course with just one hill and plenty of flat terrain, so I felt like I was moving pretty quickly, for me anyway.  I walked back into the building at work, took my thirty second shower, got dressed came back to my desk feeling good, and then pulled out my phone to check my time…………and I was so shocked, I had to check the time on my text messages I sent before the run and after the run to confirm if it was real, because, well, I just do NOT run that fast anymore.  I have no idea what got into me……..or how.  It still doesn’t seem real, to be honest.  Reconciling myself to being slower, and being happy about it, is great, and for distance, it’s definitely necessary.  But it was great to see a rocket flash of my former self; maybe swimming is the best cross-training for Asthma Girl Runner. 



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