Aquathlete, aquathloner…..or first day Swim-Run!

sbr-logoI called the amazing grandmother of my children yesterday to see if she would watch the babies so I could do my first day of swim-run training, and we agreed upon a time. I was exhausted so I slept until 6:27, which was a smart move, I needed that sleep. I got up, the kids both got up on their own since we slept in (that’s sleeping in for this trio), and I got everyone ready, started work at 8 and got out of the house by 9ish to head to the grandparents. The side roads were still icy but main roads are all clear, but the side roads are where I run, so I knew today would be a dreadmill run after my swim. I dropped off the kids and headed two minutes away to my rec center for my WOD, I was nervous and excited!

I’ve looked up training programs for splash n dash events and well, haven’t found anything free to help me, so I decided to wing it. I’m getting over a cold, and yesterday’s swim wore me out pretty badly, so I wasn’t sure how far I could go today and then jump out of the pool, throw on shorts, bandanna, socks, running shoes and iPhone and head to the fitness room to run. I jumped into the pool, as usual creating more of a splash than I intended and subsequently feeling like a giant pink and purple moose swimming in a competitive suit in a pool with a purpose seemingly more appropriate for a smaller, leaner 40 year old mother of two; nonetheless, I push-off the side and do the elementary backstroke for two lengths to warmup, and then I switch to the backward freestyle. The first 8 lengths were easy, so I think ok, I’ll go 16 lengths, that’s 400 meters……but if you go just 4 more lengths, that’s half of the splash n dash pool distance…..sold! So I hunkered down to do another 12 lengths, and I was really glad when I made it to 12, just 8 to go…..I started to become fatigued and my form was not good on 16, so I slowed down, focused on form, tried not to drown and finished the 500m. Yes!!! I jumped out of the pool, grabbed my towel and phone, ran to the locker room to get dressed.

Transition time took waaaaaay too long. I forgot to time all of this, but it appears my total workout ending up being about an hour and 5 minutes, and I did 2.1 on the treadmill. I have to finish this event in less than 2 hours, so I’d better get a move on with my transitions, if I’m going to do twice the distance in the water and another mile on land. Well, practice makes perfect, and today was day 1. So I make my way to the fitness room, feeling like a squishy fat freak in my wet under armour shorts with water dripping down my leg like I peed myself. I get in the room, find the light switch since I was the first one there at that moment, and I get on the dreadmill……and my yurbuds stop working. Crisis! So I did the whole workout, 3:1 intervals, no music. Torture…..and then some strange guys came in, staring at Asthma Girl Runner, and I know I’m kinda cute, but I’m also a spectacle with my breathing….so I feel like a freak show. THIS is why I run outdoors people! Honestly though, if it weren’t for needing more water (wow that’s hard work swimming then running!!!) than my 16oz bottle could hold, and knowing my kids were with their grandma waiting for me…..I could have kept going, my lungs and body both felt great. This girl can do some running, right? I am a half marathoner! That is my superhero identity, Asthma Girl Runner, now Asthma Girl Aquathlete. To infinity and beyond!


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