To teach, perchance to dream, to love work

How many people love to go to work every day, or most days? When it becomes work, do we cease to love it? I don’t have all of the answers, but I know I love teaching. I drove a half hour to teach, for free, every day for months and I was never happier. Even the tough times were wonderful learning experiences. I have so much to learn from the students, the administrators, and most of all, the other Intervention Specialists. I am blessed to begin my new career on February 1, 2013, teaching students with exceptional learning needs, with a very special school of children who need stability, hope, consideration, patience, effective teaching methods, and love. I’m privileged to be their teacher, to be the one I hope makes even a small difference in each of their lives. I hope one day they can remember me as I remember my teachers growing up, and what they meant to me as I struggled at home.

That’s how I looked when I was teaching…..that’s a joy I’ve only seen captured when I am with my own children. I know that teaching lights me up inside. I’m far from perfect and I’m not as patient in life as I would like to be, but I know that when I teach, I’m more centered inside than I’ve ever been doing anything else; teaching others is something I’ve always done in different environments and different forms, and it came naturally to me. The best moments of my life have always been when I show someone how to do something and then they are able to do it themselves; I don’t think there is a better gift than that on earth.
I want to state, for the record, how incredibly grateful I am to my coworkers, my employer, my manager, my human resources department, my friends, my family, my cohort, my children, my fellow DPS teachers and principals, for helping me arrive here; I put in the work, yes, but I did not do it alone in a vacuum, there were people all along the way to provide support and assistance. 2012 was a year of challenges: divorce, removing my father legally from my life, curing cancer, earning my Master of Education, student teaching, working full-time, and filing bankruptcy, but I ended the year with family regained, hope for the new year, and the lead which this time started my new career. All of the moments of my life brought me thankfully to today, so thank you, universe, for all things good and bad that made me……a teacher.


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