AGR back on the run

Yesterday was Day 3 back on the run. I lost 23 days training due to sinus infection, bronchitis and a secondary respiratory infection. Rather humbling even for AGR. Day 1, 3.6 miles was hard coughed incessantly as my lungs tried to hack out one last time 100 imaginary hairballs. Day 2, 2.8 miles, involved dancing and empowerment and it was 9 degrees. Day 3, 5.27 miles, was 53 and I was nearly naked in a long sleeve shirt and shorts, tank underneath. It was so warm on the river I took the shirt off. Now that’s happy…..

That evening I had a very impulsive coffee date. And well being impulsive is part of who I am. But I asked someone else to leave their comfort zone and meet me before we even had a phone call, and he did. He has, I think though our date was just an hour and a half, his own amazing life story. I have high hopes that he will be a very good friend. Me, I was flat-out crushing on him. He’s rather brilliant, intensely compassionate, attractive, sweet, and real. What does that mean? It means he really wants to connect with the world, and I am all about that.

I wasn’t sure he wanted to see me again as he walked me to my car. So I said “I won’t pressure you to tell me now if you want to see me again, you can text me.” He said “What?” Or something like that because the next moments erased my memory. He took my arm, and pulled me in for a kiss, holding my face. Time stopped; I don’t remember if I was breathing, it was so magical. We kissed again and it was wonderful; despite the cold rain I think would have stood there all night. I wasn’t scared or overwhelmed by the blissful feelings; it felt exactly right, safe but exciting.



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