Breaking into teaching

Today my Student shut my finger in her locker, accidentally. Tantrum. Another student having an issue I cannot talk about. My assistant with a close death, a murder. So my mangled finger is just a finger. I am worried about my students back there and at home, because I care.

I love them. I hope they always know that. When I’m not perfect. When I have to take myself to the nurse and urgent care because I’m bleeding and hurt. I hope that one day they will learn for me so that I can make a difference in their lives. Academically we aren’t having the most stellar month. I am trying, but I am sure in time I will be more effective. Days like today won’t happen every day , thankfully.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and a new day. I will show up and I will teach, once I am medically checked out, to be safe. I think when I became an Intervention Specialist I had no idea this could be a day at work. But it was. It is. It’s just a day to remember, to learn from, grow from. Life isn’t about surviving the storm it’s about dancing in the rain.



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