Running in absence of desire

So today I did not want to run. I wanted to do anything else. Like eat junk food. Stay home watching Pretty Little Liars with my daughter. Go shopping. Eat. Drink more coffee. Watch more PLL.

But I ran 4.18. Then I ate sushi and ice cream and French fries, drank coffee and shopped with my baby girl at the Greene(she’s 12). And I felt fantastic. No guilt. High on life. Just that bliss that comes only from running when you don’t want to but you know you need to, you know it’s part of you and cannot be pushed aside.

We laughed hysterically. People stared. We pity them and their lack of joie de vie. My daughter is more fun than any date I’ve ever had. I think that either says wonderful things about my daughter or awful things about my dates; it likely says both. Being with her is the most free I can be; I am both Mom and companion when we have our rare 1:1. We missed my son today, but he was having his own bliss with his Dad. As a shared parent, I consider any 1:1 to be a blessing, and I savor every moment.



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