Quick thoughts and an inside joke.


Funny how two people can be seemingly so far apart, almost a generation and yet be in exactly the same place with regard to one aspect of their lives. On different paths and in different places on their paths, yet both determined, competitive, intelligent and wanting the freedom to be whole, alone, bound not by conventions or expectations of others, bound not by the needs of another. For such a cerebral girl, this is a new experience to add to a lifetime of interesting moments.

This weekend I explored massive PDA and whether or not that is in my comfort zone when sober, since I was……even for St. Patrick’s Eve. I think that it is somewhat enticing but not something I would do often. I remember being fascinated and horrified watching couples on the dance floor years back and then I became one….in a very public way. I enjoyed it….very much. But it’s just one of those things where I couldn’t live with myself if I made a habit of it. My extrovert side has limits…..and I reach them often lately. It’s all part of being a teacher and feeling like my life has so many faces.

Last thoughts…..I became depressed from not working out enough and not running enough. I didn’t realize it was happening, it was so subtle. So from today on, I MUST make time for not just squats and sit-ups and burpees but RUNNING and eventually swimming again. I ran 5 miles Saturday to get my mojo back. I am so much happier. Going to do the 10k with a friend, the Air Force Marathon 10k and that gives me something to strive for. I still want to do a half in the fall………..which one, who knows?


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