Running for the joy of it

Note to readers: New rule. All blogs to be created in Microsoft word and pasted into because twice now I have somehow deleted beautiful words, hundreds of them in seconds AND saved my idiocy. So. I am putting training wheels on my writing.


Yesterday I was so angry with myself, and I wrote about it…..then I ran it for 6.5, day 1 of #30day run. Everything beyond 5 hurt but I didn’t care. I knew 6 miles was an ambitious goal given my training consistency but that’s why I made myself. Self-punishment for lack of training, a reminder that running 3-4x a week is a requirement to call yourself an athlete you easily distractible (career, friends) creature. Take that I say, take that! Well………I was so sore last night. I was kind of dreading day 2.

I woke up this morning and I was sad about some personal things but I tried to shop anyways. Who knew corporate greed did not extend to Easter? Everything and I mean everything but restaurants were closed. If I weren’t such a secular humanist I guess I wouldn’t have been so ditzy. Note: Easter is now more sacred than Christmas. So I stopped at Starbucks for some Skinny Caramel Macchiato deliciousness and came home to run, just like that.
Day 2, suited up in my usual tank, under armour long shorts, running shorts, and a tech t since it’s always super chilly in my neighborhood where I start. I was planning to run just 2 miles, the minimum. I disconnected the training wheels today…..just mapmyrun for GPS and music for my ears, but no timed intervals, no Galloway, no c2half marathon, no bloody training apps or fartleks or tempos just me, my body my clothes my shoes. I used my spibelt for my iPhone, another genius throwback idea……oh it just got better and better.


I start walking, and I know how far I get in my three minute warm-up so I started running, like I always do. And I didn’t stop until I needed to….which was about half a mile, same as my training 800m yesterday. But I only walked a short bit and started jogging again. I got super warm and put my shirt around my neck (trick I learned passing a male runner one day, very easy and not too annoying and remember I DO have a tank on). I ran and ran until I was at like 1.4 I think, walked a few paces, caught my breath a bit, started jogging again until I got to the water fountain and refilled my water. I intended to run two miles today but I was having so much fun when I got to one mile I intentionally aimed for three. I was on fire……LOL not really folks, but I was so damn happy if I weren’t sore I felt like I could run forever. I ended up running 3.22 miles….that’s 9.7 in two days, holla!

I don’t remember the last time I was this happy running. I mean running always makes me feel better about life; it’s therapy. It’s the purest kind of love I know how to give to myself vs. what I give to my kids….running is like making love. When it’s good, it’s damn good. When it’s amazing……….it blows your mind. People who don’t get that kind of endorphins and near orgasmic emotions and physiological reactions from running…………..I’m SO sorry for you. Because I sure as hell do and it makes me want to run every day now that I have that joy again. And I don’t mean sex with just anyone…’s run was comparable to sex with someone you love with your mind, heart and soul…..the kind of love that doesn’t happen very often, and may not always last. Running is a lover I can always turn to…..and I don’t have to bathe first, and I do get super sweaty. Since I’m sharing, I don’t actually orgasm running….but how awesome would that be??

Fact is days like today aren’t EVERY day on the pavement. Many days suck because of weather or injury or equipment malfunction or attitude or hydration or …..The thing you didn’t factor for. But if you allow yourself to feel the addiction, to love the run, you will ALWAYS be glad when you’re done running. It gives me a sense of accomplishment unlike anything else, and it’s all mine. If my heavy breathing (asthma, you perv!) inspires you, GREAT! But Asthma Girl Runner is my moniker and my superhero identity and I do it for me first….saving myself one run at a time.


2 thoughts on “Running for the joy of it

  1. I don’t mean to be ugly but I guess I am one you feel sorry for I’m thrilled if it really helps you but I will stick With biking and sex thrown in as my reward!! I miss you my sweet lady!!! 💋

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