Solidarity run – One Fund Boston

So today I ran the solidarity run here in Dayton Ohio. It was at Kettering Fairmont H.S. track and we ran 2.62 miles (get it??). It was Emotional and started with a prayer which many appreciated. I appreciated the acknowledgement of those who passed but AGR is more of a secular humanist.

But the crowd was more than 4x what they expected and Up and Running Dayton/Ohio had to order hundreds of shirts. How awesome is that? The crowd was impossible to move through for all 11 laps but I didn’t care. My first mile was 11:47 and I wasn’t thrilled but not surprised. But I didn’t walk once. My next mile was a 10:54 split. I was breathing hard. People were staring. F–k them. Yes. It’s hard for me to run. I do it anyway. Maybe you should work harder? If I can run, anyone can. So I pushed on to exactly 2.75 (sorry I suck at laps and starting and finishing same place) Finished at 11:10 with weaving and dodging.

And why did I care, you may wonder? I care because I am AGR and I was alive and able to run today. I take that responsibility pretty damn seriously. I didn’t run for faith but I ran for everyone who supports runners who lost family who was injured and would have loved to have joined me. I ran, as always, because I can.



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