Dead would be better

Is it ok?
Can I run Over you with my Car,
Back up. Repeat?
Can I make you dead?

Why are you here?
I have a paper
She has a paper
It says not within 500 feet

Why are you 2 blocks from my home?
You cannot be
You cannot see
How can I be safe?

I saw you.
I know you saw me too
Bumper magnets and all
Runner girl, 13.1.

Do you have a clue?
How strong I am now?
I suggest you stay away from my space
You won’t find welcome there

Please please
Give me a reason
To make you dead
To make you dead

There’s humor in my words
Marckie said mom you would go to jail
Be on the news
Thanks babe for the reality check

I can’t make you dead
Oh I can’t make you all the way gone
But I can wish it
I can wish you dead, gone, better dead.



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