Twisted without consent

So how do you feel now?

I bet you feel great….you took it how you wanted it

No consideration for the discussion beforehand

Ruthlessly conquered and cast aside for the news

Was it my strength?

Could you not resist what you saw as fair game?

Do you think you’re special?

Do you think your disregard for feelings makes you important?

You’re not.  

A sick sad footnote in the lexicon of experiences

Pitiful and weak inside

To take in a way not offered to you.

Twisted, oh we’re all twisted

But let’s twist when we said we would twist

But never steal what could have been offered

For a moment felt used and exploited

Recovered, pissed, no regrets

Just fury

I hope you feel good about yourself now

Because all I feel is….

disdain.  disgust.  disrespect.

Horrible misuse of acquiescence 

Minus comfort and reassurance

May karma cure you

May the universe repay you

May you suffer in triplicateImage






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