Why are you so smiley today?

I don’t know. I just am. Maybe last night I made peace with my life as it is today. Maybe I’m just grateful for all the good things. Maybe it’s because we have 9 days left of school. Maybe it’s because I wore red today. BUT I am SUPER SMILEY! I am full force AGR, teacher, Mom, superhero….I’ve recovered and I’m bada## again to quote a most wonderful friend of mine……..

Last night the sadness tried to snatch me into it’s dark grasp again, to take me into my own personal nasty black hole, but I slept, albeit not perfectly, and I woke up strong and ready to take on the world…so here’s to some sleep and some self-love. Fact is, my friends can be as awesome as they want, but it’s up to me to make myself happy. The great thing is I know that, I own it, and I do it. Not that some quality kid snuggle time didn’t work wonders, as my son fell asleep with his arm around his mom….priceless.

Red lips….yep, they’re here today, I’m happy, grateful, loving, patient, and understanding. Five kids today, yes, I’m thankful and loaned my assistant to another room. I’m glad I have learned a few things this year about life, myself, teaching, kids, behavior modification, influence, control or the lack thereof, and just FACING life head on and living it in the moment.

I wish I could SHARE this happy, I feel that damn good. 🙂Image


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