Passion, Intensity, and I’m not sorry

So sorry

I’m not sorry

My love for you caused you a crisis of confidence?

How dare I have expectations,…

How could I expect you to spend time with me

Since that was the pattern YOU established.

Why am I always punished for what I am offered

And I take, happily, that time and attention.

I will remember this lesson most of all

Time is precious

Time will be quality over quantity

Time alone wins

over Time together.

Held all your feelings in for two weeks

and then dumped them on me 

in spectacular fashion

I’m still sore inside today

Still a little angry

But realize it will happen again

And I cannot put myself through this

The push and pull

The addiction to your attention and affection

The come to me no wait go away you’re too close

I’m so sorry 

I’m not sorry

My love made you uncomfortable

Made you realize I should be somewhere else

With someone else

Who appreciates me fully and completely

That’s what your guilt is sweetheart

It’s your conscience telling you

I deserve better than you can give

I never once said I love you

I’ve held back my feelings knowing you didn’t want them

Kept them inside myself

But you felt them

Because that’s the kind of woman I am.

I do everything with passion







I’m intensity and passion personified

Before stepping up to me, know this!Image

Because this is who I am

And I have no desire to be less than myself for anyone.


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