My first field day

So today was my first field day. I arrived early at 6:30 to help out per request. We got things setup. It was well organized go field day team (not me I was a last minute helper but I gave money lol). And there were 8 stations. It was hot. We had water breaks. Cool down station. Lots of monitoring and therapists.

My kid was the first to flip. She snuck in the building and then lost it when I said she lost the ability to participate by breaking the simplest of rules. Don’t go inside without your leader. It was ugly and sad. Hours later she apologized like six times. And another student in my room flipped. And then another. During basketball I ended up with four adults and seven kids contained in my space. Welcome to field day Ms. H.

I got through it. I even smiled through it. I didn’t even know I was tired. Took my kids, the ones that belong to me for ice cream and to the park. Home for dinner late and still going. Did laundry. Still going. At 9pm I sat down. And I realized how tired I was and how wiped I was emotionally. How hard field day really is for a teacher. And a student.

They say at the Dale that you find that moment in the day to take as your positive experience or impact. And I had a huge one. She ran across the field racing the 50 yard relay as if for her little life. And she only cried on the field during the sack race. Unlike recess she did not cling to me. She interacted. She talked. She played. She is growing up and adapting to the social requirements of a school environment. For an ED student and for her teacher, it’s tremendous. I remember thinking just two months ago, how will I ever teach her? And yet, I think, I have.

Thank you, my children, my colleagues, my principal, my friends for helping me get to my first field day. Thank you all for believing in me when I couldn’t see why on earth anyone wanted me to teach these amazing children. Thank you my room partners for making me laugh every day. Most of all thanks to my students for giving me a place to develop my skills as an Intervention Specialist and for loving me on good days and bad. Thank you for listening enough that I could raise the bar for you. Thank you for our first day as a team, on the field, in the heat, where some magic happened between all of you before three of you melted from the heat like candles by the flame.



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