A date and a funeral

So I have a date with a funeral and I have a date. It seems promising since we just started talking about 36 hours ago and are meeting. I like that.

The fact is life just goes on, relentlessly. W.H. Auden wanted the clocks to stop and I know exactly what he meant. But the clocks keep ticking the earth keeps spinning and the universe keeps expanding. Time shows in the age lines I finally have under my eyes and in he age bracket I race in now that I am 40. People say age is just a number to get you to do silly things but it is a reflection of time spent on earth if not wisdom earned.

Tonight will be my date before my date with a funeral. It will be a funny experience after a day of shopping for black dresses and summer clothes for an upcoming vacation. He’s witty, smart, cute and to quote my friend Kristen “normal”. Now that’s the ultimate in online dating.

Time has marched all over my relationships since my marriage ended over three years ago. I’ve been on more first dates than I care to count. But life is all about the experiences, memories, lessons, the wisdom that comes with time and exposure.

Oh and I am rocking lime green. No black tonight. Tonight is a celebration, an appreciation for being alive today.



One thought on “A date and a funeral

  1. Your personality is so obvious and true to who you are. I admire the way you write. Keep doing it. You have inspired me in a way only writers can understand. I’m glad the universe introduced me to you. God Bless.

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