Back to school!!!

I am so excited. Thursday is the first day of school. I cannot wait to greet my students, it is a privilege to teach. Yes, I teach the kids some other teachers don’t want or can’t handle. And I still assert that I am privileged to have the opportunity to show them that a teacher can be one of the most important people in their lives.

It is a gift, the love of children. People forget that. But as I spent two weeks training and developing and decorating and moving …..and I look around the space I created, all I can think about are the children I did it for. All I can think about is greeting them the first day. Yes, I am excited. I am ecstatic. I know how lucky I am to have this job. To teach them to read, to behave, to compute, to explore….I am blessed.

Teachers, it’s time to welcome our students, how awesome is this time of year?!!



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