Asthma Yoga Girl?


First ever yoga session and I was late. I made a nice loud disruptive entry and didn’t know where to find the mats or where to put mine so my feet didn’t end up in someone’s nose later. I was also wearing running compression gear because well, that’s all I own and I knew my butt would be straight up in the air before long. So I settle down and remove my sweaty socks I had on for all of 20 minutes (why oh why did I forget my flip flops???), and get into some kind of position (lotus maybe?). I’m in the front and she smiles at me, ok I can be the teacher’s pet, I’m great at that.

I follow her directions throughout and push myself. Karen tells us today we are focused on non-violence with self or others and I find myself breathing better and calmer. I start to release emotions out the window (yay window!) and I almost feel the urge to cry it’s such a relief to workout, stretch and find peace in fitness. For the first time in my life I can control my breathing and use my muscles. Am I dreaming?

At one point the pain was excruciating and I doubted my ability to do yoga; I realized I was having a crisis of confidence I see so often in my classroom. Confronted with an unfamiliar activity and set of directions I briefly panicked as I tried to execute a more challenging maneuver, but I quickly centered myself, recovered and expended my best effort. (That’s one of my five classroom rules, effort). We finished with lavender oil and “Namaste.” I am in love with yoga.