Nearly 8 months without a run…Day 2

It was day 2.  I set out and my calves and quads were tight as I walked briskly for the five-minute warmup thinking to myself….must get further than I did on Saturday.  And I did.  So then I relaxed a  little and let my body fall into the rhythm.  After the first running interval all I could think was….OMG…how many of these?  My brain was calculating 60 seconds times 8 that’s 8 minutes and 90 seconds times 8 is 720 seconds which is 12 minutes…ok that’s 20 yep I’m a teacher I can totally do that in my head while running to distract myself from…dying!

It was sunny, 35 and beautiful, really, not too windy.  And I was on a roll, finished mile one at 14:57 and she said you’re halfway!  YAY I made it a mile….that was so fast, so I went a few extra feet before turning around at the end of the building.  At the end of that running interval I started to hack and get a cramp again… sir, hey I know how to do this….slow deep breaths, two deep fast breaths, slow shallow….I was deep breathing out of asthmatic panic, old school.  Neurons, muscles, working well together.  Cardiovascular…well a little pissed off from so much time working 70 hours a week and not doing…CARDIO.

This time I was shocked when she said “one more minute” so I jogged that last minute slowly before my cooldown, old school AGR style.  I know people who can’t run at all.  People who struggle even more than I do.  And I know one thing for certain, whether I can always run or not, as long as I continue my cardio, I am Asthma Girl Runner….I will always be a runner at heart, for life.



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