Blizzard run, almost!

>20121226-221457.jpgI bundled up so excited for my first really snowy run. They cancelled the blizzard so I thought why not? I stepped out dressed perfectly with two bottom layers, two pairs of socks, a compression tank two long sleeve shirts a jacket and gloves scarf and bandanna plus fur head wrap. Yes, I wore my fur to run. I set out and wow the snow was about six inches deeper than expected, a good foot deep but I walked my warmup and thought running would surely be easier. Or not. Trying to keep my low cadence was about impossible in the big drifts. The sidewalks were invisible, completely obscured by snow. I thought I would never make it to the river and then I was fearful of the stairs down to the path. I thought maybe not today. Let’s stay higher :-). So I ran what I could and turned around. My coach Jeff Galloway said just 4 miles more and I said not today coach I am heading home with ankles and knees intact I hope! It was cold and exhilarating and beautiful and I will do it again, I am training for the outdoor part of the splash n dash which is outdoors in February and March! I kept the music low and my eyes open, with a very healthy fear that every vehicle on the road might lose control. I was relieved when I turned the corner toward home. I enjoyed all the hoots hollers and encouragement (or was that flirting) I was given, made me feel invincible and amused. I am Asthma Girl Runner, even in a near blizzard. 20121226-221301.jpg
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