I need you to leave

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I need you to leave

You’ve overstayed your welcome

Not that you were ever welcome in my space.

You didn’t have permission

To be here

To take what you stole from me

To rob me of what little innocence I had left.

I need you to leave

You don’t belong here

Stop pretending to be cool

Your misogyny betrays you

Your rage betrays you

Your inappropriate touching betrays you.

I need you to leave

Your very presence

Your communication

You dare speak to me

You dare deny the truth of our past

You violate me by being here.

I need you to leave

You hurt people

Your words hurt

Your hands hurt

Your fury hurts

Your body wounded me for life

Your deception isn’t fooling anyone.

I need you to leave

It’s you or me

I want you to go

I need you out of my space.

Everyday you’re here I feel violated again.

I need you to leave

Please fucking go

Please find your boundaries somewhere else

Please leave

I need you to leave

Or I might die.

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